DNA Extraction Kit

DNA 核酸萃取試劑

The DNA Extraction Kit provides a simple, nontoxic method for efficientlyisolating high-molecular-weight DNA from tissue, whole blood and culturedcells. Depending on the starting material, the entire extraction takes onlytwo to three hours to complete and does not require phenol or chloroform.DNA isolated with the DNA Extraction Kit is free from contaminants andmay be used directly for restriction digests, cloning, Southern blotting, PCRamplification, and other DNA analysis techniques.

The DNA Extraction Kit is a modification of a procedure based onseparating contaminating protein from DNA by salt precipitation. Theprocedure involves digestion of cellular proteins, subsequent removal of theproteins by “salting out” using standard sodium chloride, precipitation of theDNA with ethanol and resuspension in the buffer of choice. The number ofsamples that may be processed simultaneously using this technique islimited only by the centrifuge space available.


SourceQuantityYieldSize (kb)Time
Whole blood5 ml>30 μg100-5002 hours
Whole tissue1 gm>250 μg50-1002 hours, 45 minutes
Tissue cultured cells108 cells>600 μg50-1002 hours, 15 minutes


貨號 產品 數量
200600 DNA Extraction Kit DNA 萃取試劑組 (組) 廠牌:Agilent 30-35 preps

DNA Extraction Kit

  • 無毒性,高效率純化高分子量 DNA
  • 整個流程只需 2-3 小時, 不需要 phenol 或 chloroform
  • 有效去除汙染物質


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