ClearSeq AML

ClearSeq 急性骨髓性白血病 ( AML ) 的分析

ClearSeq AML panel targets 20 genes that were identified in collaboration with Dr. Robert Ohgami and Dr. Daniel Arber at Stanford University to be frequently mutated in acute myeloid leukemia (AML). This panel is designed for full coverage of target regions with multiple amplicons covering each target for greater confidence in somatic variant calling. Combined with intuitive data analysis workflows in Agilent’s SureCall software, you can now achieve faster time to results using this quick and simple assay for profiling myeloid samples.Compatible with HaloPlex Target Enrichment System

ClearSeq Comprehensive Cancer Panel


貨號 產品 數量
G9913A ClearSeq AML, ILM 16 rxns
G9913B ClearSeq AML, ILM 96 rxns
G9914A ClearSeq AML, ION 16 rxns
G9914B ClearSeq AML, ION 96 rxns

ClearSeq AML

  • Expert-optimized content - Contains target regions identified by researchers from leading cancer research institutions to be frequently mutated in cancer
  • Fast track to answers - Proven, high-performing capture oligos are coupled with highly efficient SureSelect and HaloPlex workflows, providing faster time to results and compatibility with samples of limited availability
  • Comprehensive Workflow Solution - Get from raw data to mutation report in 3 simple steps using SureCall analysis software