SureDesign 安捷倫線上客製化設計平台

SureDesign is a web-based application that enables you to harness the flexibility of Agilent’s SurePrint oligo manufacturing technology in the creation of custom microarray designs, FISH probes and NGS target enrichment libraries. SureDesign, free to all registered users, allows you to create assays that are specific to your research needs or for cross-validation using multiple applications supported in SureDesign.

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CGH, ChiP-on-chip,and DNA Methylation

  • Create custom microarray designs for CGH, ChiP-on-chip,and DNA Methylation
  • Design your own format through various layouts, from 8 x 15K up to 1 x 1M

NGS Target Enrichment

  • Create custom SureSelect or HaloPlex target enrichment library designs based on the targets that you want to sequence
  • Intuitive design wizard allow you to define regions of interest and select probes based on target genes, genomic coordinates, or selection parameters


  • Find gRNAs that target CRISPR sites within any sequence
  • Identify potential off target candidate sites in the input or selected background
  • Download ready to order DNA template sequence DNA templates

FISH Probes

  • Input gene names, accession IDs, or genomic coordinates to create custom break apart, dual fusion or single probes
  • Rapid validation of results by creating the same assay on a FISH probe and an array or target enrichment library